Offres de PostDoc Elouard

par | Oct 18, 2023 | Emploi, Postdocs

[October 2023]
Postdoctoral researcher in theoretical physics

Application deadline: 18/11/2023
Starting date: January 2024 (flexible)
Duration: 12 months (extendable 12 months).

Scientific context:
In quantum mechanics, measurement induces irreversible dynamics of the measured system. Understanding the energy exchanges accompanying such dynamics is a challenge with fundamental implications (related to energy conservation in quantum mechanics, the measurement problem and the quantum-to-classical transition) and more practical consequences (what is the energy consumption of quantum technologies? What is the thermodynamic efficiency of measurement used as an energy source?). You will study realistic physical models of quantum measuring apparatuses coupled to a system with the standpoint of quantum thermodynamics to evaluate the work cost and the dissipated heat during a quantum measurement and analyze how those quantities depend on the measurement quality (strong/weak, efficient/inefficient measurement).

Profile of the candidate:
Candidates must hold a PhD in theoreticl physics at the starting date (or an equivalent degree, upon approval by the Université de Lorraine). Preference will be given to candidates with a strong expertise in theory of open quantum systems, quantum measurement theory (weak/continuous measurements) and quantum thermodynamics.

Applications should be sent by e-mail to Cyril Elouard ( and should include a cover letter and a CV including a list of publications.

Salary: between 2270 Euro/month and 3400 Euro/month (gross) depending on experience.

More info at this [link]